Dance Class: Teens Bollywood Performance (Int/Adv)

Dance Class: Teens Bollywood Performance (Int/Adv)

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This class is for Teens (and some pre teens) who have experience in dance. Each week the class learn Bollywood Choreography with a touch on Western styles of dance. Students in this class learn the fundamentals of how to perform from facial expressions, make up, getting ready for performances etc.

Please note that students need to complete at least a term of either Adult Bollywood Class or the Pre-Teens Bollywood Class.

A registration form will be emailed to you upon purchase, you must fill this out and present to the teacher on your first day of class.

Focus for these classes:

  • Strengthen performance technique
  • Learn other styles of dance
  • Training for upcoming performances 
  • Fusion of Western and Eastern styles to create unique pieces
  • How to Perform


  • Sunday 2:45pm- 4:00pm (15 min warm up, 1 hour training)


  • Intermediate to Advanced