Mini Kids Bollywood Classes (Level 1, 4-6 yrs)

Mini Kids Bollywood Classes (Level 1, 4-6 yrs)

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Term commencing April 26th-July 3rd

 For absolute beginners to Bollywood and those around 4-6yrs.

Aim is to have fun with Bollywood songs and beats and not in remembering steps. Online can get confusing and distracting for the young ones with them watching everyone dancing at a different time so we keep them grooving and having fun with Bollywood Beats. We also need to work together which may mean that parents join in the class as well 

The class:

  1. Students will follow teacher through various Bollywood Dance steps just grooving away. No pressure to remember the steps, just follow and have fun (Similar to the Saturday Bollywood Kids Jam sessions)
  2. Students will revise some Bollywood Basics that they can
  3. Dance games (Bollywood and non-Bollywood) eg. Musical statues
  4. Weekly fun dance challenge or activity to do at home eg. Colouring, Family Dance, pick your favourite move etc
  5. A recording of the class will be sent to students and any additional videos with dance steps


    • Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm (Both mini classes joined together)



    • Beginners

    Age Group:

    • 4-6yrs

     (Please note that Levels and Age groups are used as a rough guide and competency to next level is determined by the discretion of Fusion Beats Teachers and Creative Director)