**ONLINE SPECIAL** Unlimited 4 Week Online Bollywood Dance Classes

**ONLINE SPECIAL** Unlimited 4 Week Online Bollywood Dance Classes

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Fusion Beats has a Special Dance Offer - Unlimited 4 weeks of classes Mon-Fri for only $60

Enjoy the classes we have on offer at Fusion Beats Dance each week. 

Please note that once you have purchased this, please let me know what classes (or ALL if doing it all) you are interested in each week and i'll send you through the details (ID and password) for the classes.


Here is a list of Classes:


Bollywood Items

Level: All Levels

Do you love Bollywood Item numbers? At Fusion Beats we LOVE them. From Munni to Shiela, Anarkali to Pinky this class will take you through choreography to some of Bollywood’s popular Item numbers each week.

BollyBhangra (Bhangra Fusion)

Level: All Levels, Kid Friendly

Bollybhangra is a dance class combining flavours of Bollywood dance and Bhangra (folk dance), and includes other styles such as Street, Jazz and Hip Hop. You will get a high energy workout in this hour-long session.

 Bollywood Open

 Level: All Levels, Kid Friendly

Bollywood Dance (Open Level) is open to Adults and Kids who love Bollywood. The class is a blend of Indian Dance Styles classical, folk and Bhangra with Western dance influences of hip hop, jazz, latin etc. It is unique, vibrant, cheesy and a fun way to improve your musicality and fitness.

BollyFusion (Hip Hop, Jazz, latin mix)

 Level: Intermediate-Advanced

BollyFusion is our signature class – Fusing Indian Dance Styles and Western Dance styles to Bollywood’s recent remixes. Each week we will work on unique choreography requiring musicality, technique and fitness.

Dance Fusion

Level: All Levels

What is FUSION? FUSION is a blend of all things Dance.

Each Class will be learning from a different song and styles. One week it could be Hip Hip and the next it could be bellydance.


For ages 13+ Classes will explore many different dance styles, as well dance technique, stretching and flexibility work. 

What a better way to spend a night in!! Dance from Home :)


Make sure you have the following:

1. Active Internet Connection on your laptop, phone/ipad (even chrome cast to TV)

2. A Clear Space in your home where you can let loose and Dance.

3. Comfortable clothing, bottle of water, smile and a positive attitude to bust a move!!

How it works?

1. We will email you a link to our private ZOOM live stream

2. When you are in the group, all participants will be muted. You will be  able to see the video and hear me and can comment on the screen if you have any questions.

3. Don't forget to record yourself after class doing the dance and bring in your feedback as we are new at this and learning what will bring you the best classes online.

Use hashtag #fusionbeatsdance and #francescamcmillan

Upon payment you will receive an ID Number and password to link you to meet in the Interactive class!! 

See you online :)

Francesca x


By Registering you acknowledge and agree that the following terms and conditions and
undertakings apply to the online classes that you attend to engage and under
the instruction of Fusion Beats Dance and their instructions: You will notify Fusion
Beats Dance if you have any injuries, illnesses, surgery, and/or pre-existing medical
conditions. I will follow all instructions given to me by Fusion Beats Dance
online as to how to perform the online classes. You will ensure that you take all
measures to ensure your practice is happening in a safe environment, with
ample amount of space, non-slippery floors, take breaks when needed,
wearing comfortable active wear and appropriate footwear/ bare feet if it is a
fitness/dance class. You acknowledge and agree that participation in any of the online classes
could result in injury to myself and others. You voluntarily and knowingly recognise,
accept and assume such risks and warrant that you are physically fit to take the
online classes, notwithstanding these risks. You hear by indemnify and hold
harmless, Fusion Beats Dance and its teachers in respect of any injury you may
occur as a result of participating in the online classes and training online in
connection with or arising out of any such injury, illness or mishap to me.