Term 3, 2021 Teens Pro BollyFusion (Level 4) 13+ yrs

Term 3, 2021 Teens Pro BollyFusion (Level 4) 13+ yrs

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Our Online Teens Bollywood follows on from the Pre-teens to learn the Bollywood choreography a little faster and more of it at a time. Students in this class start to look at performing techniques as well as Make up, hair, and essentials needed by performers and also how to choreograph pieces together.

Class consists of specialised Dance warm up, learning Bollywood steps/techniques and putting together a routine each week. Now being online it will also involve fun activities and Dance Challenges.

The class:

  1. Students will revise current and past Dance routines
  2. Class includes student participation in creating choreography. Incorporating their dance moves and creating a routine.
  3. Students will learn new choreography
  4. Weekly fun dance challenge or activities to do at home eg.Tiktok, Choreography Dance Videos and even family Activities
  5. Team Building Activities

Term Dates: 

25th July - 27th Sept


  • 12:30-1:30pm


  • Intermediate to Advanced

Focus for these classes:

  • Video Clips of Dance Covers
  • Performance technique
  • Learn other styles of dance
  • Training / Learning Choreography for upcoming performances and events
  • Fusion of Western and Eastern styles to create unique pieces

A registration form will be emailed to you upon purchase, you must fill this out and present to the teacher on your first day of class.


    An Enrolment Pack including Registration form will be emailed to you upon purchase, you must fill this out and present to the teacher on your first day of class.

    Missed Classes and Absences​:

    Missed classes are non-refundable and cannot be credited. We encourage you to complete all sessions of your course as they are designed to progress week after week. However, we understand life happens, so we have recordings of your class, practice videos and group chats in place to make it easier for you to stay on track and get the most out of your course. Videos are accessible through online streaming and Fusion Beats Dance WhatsApp groups (you are added to your group the day course commences).

    In the rare event that your teacher is unable to take a class (e.g illness) then a guest teacher will be arranged or the class may be cancelled. If cancelled, a refund will be given for that class.

    Please Note: In the event that COVID-19 strikes again or another pandemic of any kind restricting our access to studio classes, all our classes will transition online for the rest of the Term. No refund will be given for changes as Fusion Beats Dance is set up to take on such circumstances and successfully teach classes via online means.




    Covid- Safe Check In

     I will be taking an accurate role of students entering and leaving the building so for the time being that will be our records for our COVID Plan. I will double check with SA Health to confirm.

    Fusion Beats Dance has a COVID SAFE CHECK IN page and we may need to use this from time to time so please:

    1. Download or log in to the free mySA Gov app
    2. Scan the above QR code with your phones’s camera
    3. Enter your name and phone number
    4. Follow the Prompts
    5. Done – You’re Checked in

    Drop off/Pick Up

    Parents will need to drop off students only. No parent is allowed to enter the building or studio space. Please call or email if you require assistance. We will keep our Whatsapp groups active during class times for any message’s parents may have or to notify when class has finished.

    Exit procedure – students will come out in supervised blocks. Please be prepared to wait 10 minutes after your class is finished for your child/yourself to exit safely whilst adhering to COVID safe ruling.

    Studio Capacity

    Our Studio will need to meet capacity guidelines and adhere to the 1 person per 4 square metres rule. Spots of some sort will be place on the floors (based on studio owner’s requirements) to support this.

    We will not be partaking in any partner work and please avoid hugs etc (I know this will be hard) when greeting each other.


     All students and teachers must sanitise upon entry to the building. This will be provided.

    We will try and maintain a cleaning schedule after every class for all amenities and equipment in the studio.

     As previously mentioned, if a student is unwell, please stay home to ensure the safety of our dance community.



    By Registering you acknowledge and agree that the following terms and conditions and
    undertakings apply to all classes that you attend to engage and under
    the instruction of Fusion Beats Dance and their instructions: You will notify Fusion
    Beats Dance if you have any injuries, illnesses, surgery, and/or pre-existing medical
    conditions. I will follow all instructions given to me by Fusion Beats Dance
    as to how to perform the classes. You will ensure that you take all
    measures to ensure your practice is happening in a safe environment, with
    ample amount of space, non-slippery floors, take breaks when needed,
    wearing comfortable active wear and appropriate footwear/ bare feet if it is a fitness/dance class. You acknowledge and agree that participation in any classes could result in injury to myself and others. You voluntarily and knowingly recognise, accept and assume such risks and warrant that you are physically fit to take the classes, notwithstanding these risks. You hear by indemnify and hold
    harmless, Fusion Beats Dance and its teachers in respect of any injury you may
    occur as a result of participating in their classes and training in
    connection with or arising out of any such injury, illness or mishap to me.


    By Enrolling into our classes, you confirm that you have read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and accept.