Bollywood at the Adelaide Festival Centre's Open Day!

Fusion Beats Dance had the opportunity to be part of celebrating the reopening of Festival Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. The Open Day was an opportunity for the public to take a self-guided tour of the centre and discover the changes that have been happening over the last year.

The Festival Centre is one of our states most iconic structures which has been around since 1973. It was built because Adelaide Arts were growing quickly and there wasn’t enough venues to cater for it, so a public appeal was made and the creation of the icon was built. It was actually completed in the same year as the Sydney Opera House but I would say not as pricey.

Fusion Beats Dance has been part of numerous events held by the Festival Centre over the years, including Oz Asia Festival, Something on Saturday and various workshops and events open to the public. Even as a school student I used to come to the Festival Theatre for music and dance performances.

The tour started from the Festival Theatre King William Road entrance and headed into the Dunstan Playhouse, through new foyers and backstage behind the scenes. Through the tour you had a chance to see performing arts companies, live music and free crafts for kids which added life to the experience. Fusion Beats took part in two Flash mobs both outside and inside Dunston Playhouse as well as holding a rehearsal with Fusion Beats dancers at the Festival Theatre Rehearsal Room so the public could see the venue in use.


Some of the things you experienced at the Open Day were:

  • Lighting and Sound Displays
  • Meet the stars of ‘The Wizard of Oz’
  • Meet Grug
  • Kids Corner Workshops
  • Explore Rehearsal and Green Room spaces
  • Costume Displays
  • Roving Performances and more…

 To check out what we got up to at the Festival Centre Open Day, Click here: