Check out our Bollywood Classes!!

(Please note that Levels and Age groups are used as a rough guide and competency to next level is determined by the discretion of Fusion Beats Teachers and Creative Director)


Mini/Kids Bollywood

Recommended Age 4-7yrs

This class provides a basic introduction to dance and movement skills by combining simple Bollywood technique with funky moves and fun games. Children have the opportunity to develop coordination and musicality skills as well as gain confidence in a friendly, imaginative and fun-filled environment. No pressure to perform for this age group as they start learning what it takes.

Beg/Int Bollywood

Recommended Age: 8+ (or Dance experience)

Our Kids Bollywood classes give children an introduction to basic Bollywood technique combined with funky Western moves. Children develop skills in movement, coordination, musicality and confidence. All Beginner classes provide children with a firm foundation for future development in Junior classes and beyond. Performance opportunities are optional to build their confidence.

Intermediate Bollywood

Our Junior / Pre Teens Bollywood follows on from the Kids Beginners to learn the Bollywood choreography a little faster and more of it. Students in this class start to look at performing techniques as well as Make up, hair, and essentials needed by performers. Class consists of specialised Dance warm up, learning Bollywood steps/techniques and putting together a routine each week. Opportunities to perform may exist.

Class focus is on:

  • Having fun with different Bollywood songs
  • Learning how to dance and perform
  • Starting to learn the fundamentals of performing
  • Opportunities to Perform

Depending on interest the Pre Teens and Teens classes can also run as separate classes.

Int/Adv Bollywood

The Teens/ Adults Bollywood Team is for Teens and Adults who want to experience Bollywood without any pressure to perform. It is fun and interactive way of learning Bollywood steps while putting together routines straight from the movies. There is even opportunities to take part in Flashmobs and performances such as the Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant and Multicultural Festivals. 

Note: Mum's don't worry if can't find babysitter you can bring along your kids. Just pack them an activity pack and they can entertain themselves in the supervised next room.

Class focus for these classes:

  • Learning Bollywood steps/techniques
  • Learn choreography from Bollywood movies
  • Get fit with Bollywood Dance
  • Opportunity to take part in Flash mobs and Performances 

Teens/Adult Bollywood Team

This is Fusion Beats Performance team. This group learn routines and medleys with the intention to perform them at events, weddings, festivals and more. The team touch on Fusing both Eastern and Western styles of dance and pushing the limits in what we do incorporating technique, props and more.

Those in this class are of an advanced level and may include those in ‘training group’.  Auditions or try out may be asked prior to joining this team.

Bollywood Dance Fitness-  BDF (For Beginners and Just for Fun)

This class is created to meet the needs of all of you who love to Dance but don’t want to learn choreography each week and Perform. Adult Bollywood Jam is just that! Jamming to popular Bollywood Hit from the Past and current while keeping fit, having some laughs and working on coordination, balance and memory retention.

Bollywood Boys 

Our Boys Bollywood class gives children an introduction to basic Bollywood technique combined with funky Western moves predominately from our Bollywood Hero’s on film.

Children develop skills in movement, coordination, musicality and confidence. Being an all-boys class means no more learning to dance all the ‘girly’ hook steps instead can focus on those signature moves that other.

Recommended from 8+ years old.