School Programs

About our programs

Our workshops are the perfect Primary and Secondary School incursion, offering kids a fun way of exploring the Indian culture and staying active.

Fusion Beats can vary the style of workshop based on your school's objectives. You can choose a once-off workshop or ongoing weekly sessions. Bollywood dancing is a fun and unique school activity which kids of all ages find engaging (including the teachers)!

Dance is a basic form of cultural expression, children of all ages learn movement patterns just as readily as they learn language. Education systems for children include drawing and singing but often neglect to include dance. It is essential that education provide our children with the developmental benefits and unique learning opportunities that come from organizing movement into the aesthetic experience of dance.

Why Bollywood dance?

  1. Physical Development - involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than most other physical activities
  2. Emotional Maturity – provides the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through creative movement.
  3. Social Awareness – learn to work with a group, how to interact and cooperate with others.
  4. Cognitive Development – Dance provides the link between the idea, problem, outcome or solution.

School packages

Fun & Fitness Package

Regular weekly or one off Bollywood Dance Sessions offered into your school program for your staff or students. It is a great chance to have students have fun, be active while learning a different culture.

Entertainment Package

Live Bollywood stage show by professional Bollywood dancers, followed by a short interactive Bollywood dance workshop with your audience. Perfect for a school assembly or special event such as Harmony Day.


Contact us for more information on pricing and how to proceed.