Fusion Beats Dance at the Adelaide Fringe Parade 2017!

On February 18th it was that time of the year when North Terrace was a sea of lights. Artists from Australia and overseas, including Fusion Beats Dance, joined forces to dance, wave and showcase their skills at the Adelaide Fringe Parade 2017.

This year the parade landed on a Saturday night. Even through the show officially had events happening on the Friday night - this parade was the beginning of our festival season where Adelaide never sleeps. For artists it is that time of the year where we are working till the odd hours, finalising acts, costumes, marketing, barely eating and sleeping and rehearsing our show around the clock.

Thanks to 'Photography by Gavin' check out the behind the scenes video as well as the full Fringe parade tis year.


Fusion Beats Dance once again put on the annual 'Bollywood Flashmob at the Fringe 2017' and don't forget to check out our flashmob at this video here: